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Article: Refining our logo

Refining our logo

Refining our logo

Last month, Books Beyond Borders celebrated it’s 2nd birthday. Looking back, a lot has changed — from our business model to the tools we use today. I still remember when we designed our first logo and t-shirts on a Powerpoint slide using only shapes and colour-fills. A lot has changed indeed!

But what stays rooted is our belief in education — the power it has to unlock the potential for millions of young people left outside the classrooms today.

I vividly remember walking through a rural village in Eastern Nepal one morning watching students march to school — rocking their light blue uniforms with their heads up high. No creases or wrinkles, front and back. It was as though they were on a mission. And no matter how far and rough the journey, students show up hopeful and determined.

That spirit later formed part of our values today.

lue ribbons, on the other hand, are awarded around the world as a symbol of excellence and highest quality. We've incorporated it into our logo as a commitment to deliver the best experience for everyone— from our customers to partners, volunteers to people we serve.

That’s what we stand for today, tomorrow, and as long as we can continue doing what we love here at Books Beyond Borders.

As always, thank you for being part of our journey.



Photo by: Geet Sharma






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