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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools

265 Schoolbags In Madhyapur District

Uzol Zima (in green) - now member of the Rotary Club of Madhyapur - had spent the last 9 years volunteering his time and network serving the Rotaract Club of Madhyapur. During that time, he was elected as President and have led and groom many young leaders during his tenure. 

There were 2 schools in the Madhyapur district that was clearly underfunded. In Gyan Bikash Aadharbhut Vidyalaya Secondary School, the walls were weak, ceilings were leaky. We'd later learn that the school was damaged in the 2015 earthquake - and the madeshift classrooms (see below) is where students are now learning in.

Our goal was to provide 265 students from 2 schools with basic school materials for 1 academic year. This includes a schoolbag, stationaries, books, geometry sets, and a pencil case. The cost was estimated at 242,790 NRS ( 2913.48 SGD).

Shree Bagehini Secondary School, we handed out filled schoolbags for168 students, Kindergarten through Grade 5. None of our efforts would be possible without all the members from Rotaract Club of Madhyapur.
We learned so much on the importance of relying on local partners to run projects. After all, they have spent years on the fields working with their community. 

About Rotaract Club of Madhyapur

Rotaract Club of Madhyapur is a Non-profit Social Organization chartered on 26th November 2011, sponsored by Rotary Club of Madhyapur.

Learn more about their mission here. 

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