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The Wisdom Of Sam

The Wisdom Of Sam

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Author Daniel Gottlieb
ISBN 9781401923884
Pages 168
Condition Good
Format Paperback

The Wisdom of Sam celebrates the precious gifts of life and the innocence of childhood. At the book's heart is the story of a grandfather and his remarkable grandson, who share an indelible bond. Each one faces a unique set of challenges--quadriplegia and autism. But the differences in age, outlook, and experience soon vanish as this extraordinary pair share universal truths about empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. After a near-fatal accident rendered him paralyzed, Daniel Gottlieb came to understand the importance of patience, acceptance, gratitude, and hope--qualities he sought to teach his young grandson, Sam. Yet when Gottlieb least expected it, their roles reversed and the student became the teacher. Sam's observations on his experiences--everything from grieving the loss of a beloved pet to facing his first night away from home--provide simple yet profound lessons on life, death, courage, fun, uncertainty, and joy. These lessons are gentle reminders of what we once knew, what we often take for granted, and what matters most.
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