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We Are All Self Employed

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Author Cliff Hakim
ISBN 9781881052470
Pages 230
Condition Good
Format Hardcover

We Are All Self Employed will help you transform the way you think about and approach your work. It will inspire you to move from the role of dependent employee, ever-adapting to survive, to independent-interdependent worker, ever-creating to succeed. You'll learn to embrace a "self-employed" attitude to achieve the success you have always yearned for. Adopting Hakim's "self-employed" attitude will prepare you for the inevitable changes that come with time, and help you create a new definition of success rooted in your own interests, skills, values, and desires. We Are All Self Employed will help you move from merely surviving on the job to engaging your creativity -- embedded in the responsibility symbolized by self-employment -- and successfully employing yourself in a way that draws on your talents, interests, and deepest values.