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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools

Books Beyond Borders

What are we

Well, we’re not a charity. 

It took us a year to figure out that relying purely on donations is not sustainable. We call ourselves a social enterprise - and operate like any for-profit business, investing in the things necessary to create great experiences for our customers. 

The difference is that we commit 100% of all donations and net profits from book sales to educational causes in developing countries. This also means we don’t have any private shareholders (never have and never will).

We know, our business model is flawed from the start. How can you scale this kind of business? For now, we don’t have all the answers.

But our purpose is clear:

More than 3 billion people live on less than $2.50 a day today (adjusted for purchasing power). Let that sink in for a bit.. that’s almost half of the world’s population. 

Most of them living at the bottom of the pyramid don’t have access to clean water. On a bad harvest, families go hungry together. Children would walk hours to school empty-handed, to face a classroom with blank walls and untrained teachers. 

Every purchase on Books Beyond Borders has a purpose. You move us one step toward a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to access knowledge, a quality education, and become lifelong learners. 

Come write the future with us.