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$30,164.92 Given Back to Schools

Our Business Model

We collect and sell gently-used books, and invest 100% of profits after  business expense in rural classroom projects. Our business model helps keep our company sustainable, create less waste and more opportunities for students beyond our borders - without relying much on charitable donations.

Rehomed 14,053 books (as of 1 Mar, 2022)

We collect gently-used books, package them beautifully in eco-materials and help find their next owner.

$ 30,164.92 for education (as of 1 Mar, 2022)

100% of our net profits after business expenses are invested in organisations working to end the learning crisis.

How we work in Nepal

We believe that investing in local organisations is the best way to create long-term impact. Our carefully-chosen partners have spent years working in classrooms to help students learn, lead, and read in rural public schools.

Learn more about our current local partner, Teach For Nepal

We provide grants through our Classroom Fund to start literacy projects, such as setting up school libraries, STEAM programs, and providing much-needed classroom materials. Every school needs is different. We review project proposals submitted by our local partners and help fund their most urgent work.

Read more about our past projects here.