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Home Life : A Journey through Rooms and Recollections

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Author Suzanne Fox
ISBN 9780684835174
Pages 174
Condition Good
Format Hardback

This remarkable literary debut is at once an evocative, lyrical memoir and a meditation on the meaning of home -- as the author reflects on her continuing search to find "my own haven, my own right place" in the world.Using spaces she has called home -- a Victorian house on the Atlantic sea-coast, a cramped college dorm, a sunlit Los Angeles house, a Parisian garret, a crowded Florida sickroom, a tiny apartment in Manhattan -- as a means of tracking the bittersweet arc of her life, Suzanne Fox writes a luminescent memoir of the central role home plays in women's lives. "In the complicated working-through of the equation of my life I have always kept my home as the constant: the citadel-rock that stays dry even in a tidal wave, the sanctuary that cannot be breached. "Readers will recognize the complex havens -- of safety, but also of stifling enclosure -- that the book's homes represent. With sensual images that will conjure memories of one's own dwellings, Home Life turns the familiar coming-of-age theme inside out, discovering in a traditionally female domain -- the home and the relationships within it -- way to trace a woman's nontraditional life. It is a soothing literary tonic for busy lives, a charming and rueful look at how our homes reveal our inmost selves.