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The New Clash Of Civilizations,Non Fiction,Books

The New Clash Of Civilizations

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Author Minhaz Merchant
ISBN 9788129129901
Pages 314
Condition Good
Format Hardback

A compelling amalgam of new writing and published essays by Minhaz Merchant, The New Clash of Civilizations offers deep and stimulating insights into how the contest between four major civilizational forces-the United States, China, India and Islam-will shape our century. The historic shift in the economic and geopolitical balance of power from the West to the East, Merchant writes, will determine the ideas and principles that govern this unfolding century. Divided into six distinct sections-History, Nation, World, Leaders, Science & Society, and Vintage-the book provides an original perspective on a dynamic nation coming to terms with itself and the world. In politics and science, history and economics, India's place in an increasingly competitive global order-and its interaction with the other three major civilizational strands-forms a cornerstone of the book's narrative. Broad in sweep and range, The New Clash of Civilizations is a lucid and brilliant account of the ebb and flow of power in the twenty-first century.
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