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A Desert Tale

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Author Christina Fernandes
ISBN 9789948201915
Pages n/a
Condition Good
Format Paperback

A Desert Tale is an exciting new children's book set in Dubai. It's the story of two children, Thomas and Sarah, who live in Jumeirah. Their mother wants to take visiting Aunty Veronica to the souk for sightseeing. Being typical children, Thomas and Sarah moan about being dragged along to a place they think is boring for kids. But to their surprise they meet an old man there who tells them about the wondrous Dubai of days past. "Dubai was not always a big, busy city, it once was small and peaceful and pretty. There was only this market on the creek's shore and mud houses strung along, no more." This is how the old man's story begins. Over the course of his tale, the children learn about pearl diving, wind towers, trading dhows and bedouins. When Thomas and Sarah are taken along for more sightseeing the next day, they find reflections of the old man's words everywhere they go... A Desert Tale is an exciting story for both children who live in Dubai as well as those who are visiting, because it tells them about the city's history and puts it into a modern day context for them. The book's beautiful imagery transports its young audience into a magical world full of mystery and shows them that these wonders can still be found today.
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