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A Taste Back In Time: Recipes And True Stories Of Family, Friends, Faith And Food

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Author Denise Martin
ISBN 9781496942623
Pages 318
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

A Taste Back in Time, Recipes and true stories of Family, Friends, Faith and Food; is a compilation of humorous family stories often centered on food. Gathering recipes from numerous relatives, there are recipes that date back many, many generations. The Italian Culture is steeped in culinary tradition and the book sheds some light on the traditions and the important role that foods and celebrations play throughout life. The book brings to light the belief that taking a taste of food that was enjoyed so long ago, instantly brings back fond memories of happier times. A time of Family, Friends, Faith and Flavor. Many of the traditional foods and recipes seemed to have gotten lost amidst fast foods and chicken nuggets. Many of the long-held traditions that had sustained her in the past were almost non-existent in the fast paced 21st Century. In recapturing the memories that tie into the traditional foods, she rediscovered how these recipes could be adapted in today's kitchen Hopefully when reading the book and trying the recipes you will feel and know that you are 'famiglia too!" TEASER The Author was close to death and had several out of body experiences that changed her spiritually forever. Many come through this type of experience and write about it; oddly enough Denise chose to write a cookbook replete with kitschy humor and family skeletons. Interesting! Spoiler Alert: About that tunnel ... Will be discussed in an upcoming book, so stay tuned.
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