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Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; Through the looking glass,Fiction,Books

Alice's adventures in Wonderland ; Through the looking glass

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Author Lewis Carroll
ISBN 9781471141614
Pages 288
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Alice is sitting on the edge of a riverbank when she spots a white rabbit in a waistcoat disappearing down a hole. Before long, she finds herself jumping down the rabbit-hole after it, and entering a world unlike any other. Here Alice drinks unknown liquids that shrink her in size and she eats mushrooms that make her gigantic. She encounters a caterpillar who smokes and a dormouse who scolds her, and she morphs into a seven-year-old Queen after winning a game of chess. Of all the daydreams documented in literary history, Alice's is the most outrageous, affecting, imaginative and powerful.
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