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Beat The Crowd

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Author Kenneth L. Fisher
ISBN 9781118973059
Pages 320
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

Hone your jungle smarts to be a real contrarian and prey on the stock market"Gaming the Herd" is the "real" contrarian's guide to investing, with comprehensive explanations of how a true contrarian investor thinks and acts--and why it works more often than not. Bestselling author Ken Fisher breaks down the myths and cuts through the noise to present a clear, unvarnished view of timeless market realities, and the ways in which a contrarian approach to investing will outsmart the herd. In true Ken Fisher style, the book explains why most investors aren't bulls "or" bears--and which animal mentality you should develop. Contrarians understand how headlines really affect the market and which noise and fads they should tune out. "Gaming the Herd" is a primer to the contrarian strategy, teaching readers the jungle savvy they need to outperform the herd-like masses.Discover the limits of forecasting and how far ahead you should lookLearn why political controversy matter less the louder it getsResurrect long-forgotten, timeless tricks and truths in marketsFind out how the contrarian approach makes you right more often than wrong A successful investment strategy requires information, preparation, a little bit of brainpower, and a larger bit of luck. Pursuit of the mythical perfect strategy frequently ends in a cacophony of talking heads and twenty-four hour noise, but "Gaming the Herd" cuts through the mental clutter and collects the pristine pieces of actual value into a tactical approach based on going against the grain.
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