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Collaborative Commonwealth

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Author Robert A. Needham
ISBN 9781501093845
Pages 194
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

About The Book Collaborative Commonwealth is a bold fresh look at individual, business, and public governance. You are invited to join the Collaborative Movement. For the Individual, it declares individual sovereignty based in God-given rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Are you a new Collaborateur? For the Business, it replaces the fragile top-down hierarchical leadership model that gives power and profit to a few; with an agile model that offers servant leadership, which values both intangible and tangible assets where power and profits are pro-rata shared with all the collaborators. For Government, it envisions a reformed and restored Republic back to the hands of -we the people.- It replaces the outdated, tyrannical, democratic, and federal form of governance and reforms and restores America back to the vision of our Founders. As Ben Franklin said, we require -servant leaders- who will provide governance in support of the needs and desires of the people. This reformation keeps the best of that we all have in common and resists the extremes that has taken us in the wrong direction. The Concept of Water -The essence of any great Ocean, River, or Stream begins with one Drop. Drops come in all sizes, shapes, and forms; just like people. Each unique Drop was created for a purpose, and so were you. This purpose will change throughout the life of a Drop, which is called emergence. Like you, water can be used over and over again to cause its environment to flourish, change, evolve, and renew.- In this book, we use this metaphor of water to show how each individual aligns with others to form Streams. Streams then merge with other Streams to become Rivers, which have power and are movements. Lastly, when these powerful Rivers merge, they create great EcoSystems such as lakes, seas, and Oceans of great potential to accomplish anything they set their thoughts too. This book with teach you how to collaborate with others and create positive change.
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