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Cracking The Disease Code: Revealing Disease Causes, From Spiritual To Physical,Non Fiction,Books

Cracking The Disease Code

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Author Darius Soon
ISBN 9789811109010
Pages 284
Condition Good
Format Paperback

We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that all disease can be traced to genetics, germs, poor diet and lack of exercise. Or do we? In Cracking the Disease Code, Darius Soon, with his ability to grasp the connections others miss, uncovers the real but hidden dynamics of disease. He asks, and provides answers to, the following questions that mainstream medicine is simply unable to address: - Why has there been an increase in chronic illnesses in modern times? - How is it that a heart transplant can lead to a change in personality? - How is it possible for events like the Holocaust to affect the health of the descendants of their survivors? - Can our future illnesses be predicted based on our current personality traits? - How is it that genetics cannot explain the diseases we get? - How and why does our childhood upbringing affect what diseases we contract? - How does overpopulation on Earth affect our individual health? Drawing upon the latest research in psychoneuroimmunology, psychology, quantum physics, integrative medicine, epigenetics and ecology, and combining these with the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions, Cracking the Disease Code seeks to comprehensively answer the question of what truly causes disease.
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