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Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature

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Author John Vamos
ISBN 9780980807103
Pages 271
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Explains the biological basis for the Performance gap - the gap between our potential versus actual achievements - and outlines an innovative approach called the Thinking System. Elephants and the Business Laws of Nature explores successful ways to minimise the gap between our potential and our performance, methodologies that can be applied both in and beyond business. John Vamos presents proven tools, techniques and models for attaining performance improvement and the consequent reduction in the ‘performance gap’. He describes how our thinking, which governs our behaviour and, ultimately our performance, is itself governed by factors we are not consciously aware of. The elephant metaphor provides a vivid picture of the biology-based challenges we face – how the mind works; the way we think and, ultimately, the way we behave. Explaining the subconscious influence, the book shows why we are subject to thinking limitations with consequent impact on business performance. Further, it explains how these limitations and consequent challenges stem from biological laws of nature, realities that govern behaviour in the work place and the home. We cannot beat them but we can accommodate them, navigate them, work with them and massively dilute their negative influence in any business setting. John Vamos shows how. First, by recognising these laws as the starting point to understanding the sources of our behaviour and their potentially negative effects on performance. He then offers remedial strategies by introducing and demonstrating the workings of special techniques that he has developed from over fifteen years of coaching . These ‘thinking systems’ and binary thinking have been successfully applied to over thousands of coaching engagements. Finally he presents models for managing around the dictates of the Business Laws of Nature and engineering virtuous circles towards improved personal and business performance.
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