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Enemies With Smiling Faces,Non Fiction,Books

Enemies With Smiling Faces

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Author Donald C. Posterski
ISBN 9780830823871
Pages 180
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

The world is a dangerous place. Enemies lurk everywhere--in the workplace, in schools, in small towns and big cities, and even in the church. Their faces are various, but they are equally tempting and deceptive. Learning to recognize these "enemies with smiling faces" can keep you from falling prey to their mind-bending, heart-rending lies. Some enemies mask themselves in popular "Christian" concepts that are not truly biblical: Quick fix faith Feeling-only faith One-sided faith Spiritual superiority Other enemies are disguised as "common-sense" notions prevalent in today's world: Self-construction Affluenza Character without design Privatized faith God calls those who follow him to be "wise as serpents and innocent as doves." As Don Posterski reveals the true identities of your enemies, he also teaches you how to develop the discernment you need to find your way in a dangerous world. And because God calls you not simply to resist, but also to love your enemies, Posterski also offers practical, biblical strategies for relating to and living among "enemies with smiling faces."
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