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Events That Changed the World

Events That Changed the World

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Author Rodney Castleden
ISBN 9780316027168
Pages 576
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Every event, however minor, changes the world in someway. Lenin said: 'Everything is connected to everything else.'The assassination of Julius Caesar was caused by apprehensionabout Caesar's ambition combined with the resentment and jealousy oflesser men: the murder subsequently led to the reign of Augustus and asuccession of Roman emperors.Some major events seem powerful and momentous at the time, thoughwe can see many years later that their effects were not as far-reaching as may once have been imagined.This book includes both positive and negative events. The resultis a dynamic book crammed full of action, teamed with meticulousanalysis and reflection. It includes events in politics, battles,inventions, discoveries, major catastrophic disasters, artistic andliterary achievements and the deaths of famousleaders.
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