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Author J. Pincott
ISBN 9781904879893
Pages 191
Condition Good
Format Hardback

Excellence is the ultimate personal goal. It's an inspiring notion - the idea that each one of us has the power and potential to be superior at whatever we set out to do. Excellence is implicit in our convictions about success. It underlies our belief that anyone can be a star. It is expressed in our belief that every individual should be enabled to achieve their best. Excellence is a powerful concept. This book is a collection of 400 insights from remarkably successful people, throughout all periods of history, and in all fields. J. Pincott draws from this to get to the heart of what "excellent" people consider "excellence" to be, and in their words, they will reveal how they themselves became excellent in their fields. As a result, anyone wanting to achieve their best at work and in life will find genuine inspiration and guidance in this book.
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