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Find Your Thing: Being Brilliant at What You Do Is Easier Than You Think

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Author Lucy Whittington
ISBN 9780857085924
Pages 224
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

The book explores 5 steps to Finding Your Thing which is a model that is proven through Lucy's work. "I'm on a mission - I want everyone in the world doing what they're brilliant at and not what they're just "good" at. I call this doing your 'Thing' (with a capital T!)This book is about finding your Thing. Finding it, refining it, loving it, and actually getting out there and doing it. For me the greatest waste is you not doing your Thing. Not doing what you are brilliant at and just doing what you're good at. Not setting the world on fire with your ideas, your thinking, your inventions, your words - it doesn't matter how you do your Thing, what matters is that you DO IT! Oh and I'd like you to make your Thing your business too. It's not about doing it for free - it's doing it in a way that's valued.So what actually is your Thing? Your Thing is the thing you're brilliant at, the thing that you are effortlessly amazing at, rather than just 'good' at. It's either something you do right now, or it is a slice of what you do right now. It might something that is just a step away from what you do right now or it's a million miles away from what you do now but you see it in the distance. You may do your Thing as a hobby... you volunteer to do your Thing, you might just be doing it all the time and not realising... Your Thing is the thing that you do with ease. It's the thing that makes you smile or the thing that makes your heart sing - the thing that is so easy for you, you can't believe it's something that other people can't do. CONTENTS Introduction: What comes of Finding Your Thing, why you would want to do this and get known for it. Steps 1- 5: T Time to Find Your Thing H Have a Fame Name I Interesting Stories Sell N Nothing is Impossible G Get in Your Spotlight Next steps: Making your Star Plan and taking on the marketing.
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