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Free! Love Your Work, Love Your Life,Non Fiction,Books

Free! Love Your Work, Love Your Life

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Author Chris Barez-Brown
ISBN 9780670923557
Pages 208
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

Life and work are intrinsically linked. They are not separate; they are one. If we want to live an extraordinary life, we have to make our work equally extraordinary. When your work resonates with purpose, you jump out of bed every morning, excited by the possibilities the day holds for you. Everything else in your life seems to have a glow about it, and you exude much more personal shine. My aim in writing this book is to help you feel like that every day. To help you make your work work for you. To feel truly free. Reading Free! will remind you that you are fantastic and have the ability to do amazing things; show you that work is your slave, not the other way round; help you make work your ticket to an extraordinary future; and put you in the driving seat and show you a route to freedom.
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