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Getting Through Cancer,Non Fiction,Books

Getting Through Cancer

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Author Gabrielle Koh
ISBN 9781543760149
Pages 124
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

At the peak of her career, Gabrielle was only 32 when she was admitted to a hospital. During her 11 days stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) and oncology ward, she underwent a whirlwind of activities: PET CT scan, endoscopy, biopsy and more. Her stay in the ICU caused her to reflect on her life, question mortality and decide on changes for a better future. At the end, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma--a type of blood cancer that no one, including herself, expected to have. She struggled to stay alive and cope with the challenges that cancer brought. Besides having to overcome personal struggles, she also has to learn how to handle the impact that cancer had on the people around her. After completing her treatments, she thought she was done with cancer. However, it turned out that cancer still had lessons to impart to Gabrielle. To manage her condition, she started chronicling her cancer journey. This book chronicles her transformation from a random person climbing the corporate ladder in search of higher position and pay cheque to a cancer patient battling with lymphoma and finally into a survivor overcoming depression
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