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History of the Sikhs

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Author M'Gregor
ISBN 9788129111241
Pages 380
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Pages: 480 About the Book Written by a British army surgeon who participated in the military campaign to consolidate colonial rule over Punjab the land of the five rivers this mid-19th century document is more than a fascinating source book for a significant period of Sikh history. Rich in anecdotes and eye-witness accounts, The History of the Sikhs also opens a window into the British mind the way the conquerors understood the people they tried to subdue and the land they conquered. This edition brings together both volumes of the original work: the first traces the biographies of the Sikh gurus and Maharaja Ranjeet Singh; and the second is a military account of the Angle-Sikh war of 1845-56, penned in the very midst of battle. Preface The author of the following pages cannot suffer his work to go forth without offering at least an explanation of, if not an apology for, the manner in which the second volume has been prepared. It will be at once apparent to the reader that all the information contained in the two volumes has been prepared either in the country described or in its immediate vicinity; the major part of the contents of the second volume being actually collected in the very midst of the battle of one of the most memorable campaigns on record. It was the purpose of the author to have given to all his materials the condensed form peculiar to political history; but the rapidity with which startling events succeeded each other,the great importance of printing the entire work, while yet the affairs of the Punjab possessed a high degree of interest in England,and the heavy professional claims upon the authors time,determined him to send forth the work in its present comparatively crude form. The part of the second volume which speculates upon possible occurrences, which ei
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