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Enjoy free express delivery for 4 books or more

Hoping For Hope

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Author Lucy Clare
ISBN 9780751531572
Pages 275
Condition Good
Format Paperback

It was, by anyone's standards, a watershed of a week. Or, more accurately, a week of watersheds. It had started quite promisingly with the purchase of a much sought after pair of bright red Doc Martens, but it had deteriorated alarmingly after that. Liddy Claver would not forget this particular week - ever. When Liddy visits her doctor a few days before her fiftieth birthday, she assumes she is menopausal. But instead, her doctor has some astonishing news for her: she is thirty weeks' pregnant. Liddy is shocked, but not as shocked as her husband Martin is going to be - Liddy and Martin haven't had sex for five years . . . And, when Liddy gives birth, Martin wants nothing to do with her baby daughter Hope. Compassionate and compelling, Lucy Clare's debut novel is an emotive page-turner par excellence. It's a story about families - about hoping for understanding, hoping for support, but, above all, about hoping for Hope.
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