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How Pleasure Works

How Pleasure Works

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Author Paul Bloom
ISBN 9780099548768
Pages 280
Condition Fair
Format Paperback

We are attracted, whether we know it or not, to the hidden aspects of things and people.Some teenagers enjoy cutting themselves with razors. Some men pay good money to be spanked by prostitutes. The average Briton spends over a day a week watching television. The thought of sex with a virgin is intensely arousing to many men. Artwork can sell for millions of pounds. Food and alcohol are so compelling that they can come to dominate one's life. People slow their cars to look at gory accidents and go to sentimental movies that make them cry.In this revealing and witty account, Paul Bloom examines the science behind these curious desires, attractions and tastes, exploring one of the most fascinating and fundamental engines of human behaviour. Drawing on insights from child development, philosophy, neuroscience and behavioural economics, How Pleasure Works shows how certain universal habits of the human mind explain what we like and why we like it.
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