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I Dare To Dream Big

I Dare To Dream Big

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Author Lee Yong Low, Paul Choo
ISBN 9789811425271
Pages 347
Condition Good
Format Paperback

A true story detailing the obstacles and challenges one man had to go thorough before realizing his dream as a doctor. Belittled by teachers and looked down upon because of his background and poor command of English, Lee Yong was deemed as a no-hope kid. Among his struggles to achieving success later, Lee Yong suffered severe giddy spells and went through several riveting episodes of betrayal. But with an unrivaled tenacity and a belief that he could do it, he went on and beyond, proving the naysayers wrong. This book is written in hope of inspiring anyone who has a a dream to pursue it. Against all odds, to always pitch one's best shot. To never give up for life is what one makes out of it.

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