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In Heaven As On Earth

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Author M. Scott Peck
ISBN 9780671516444
Pages 224
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Dr. Peck looks past the boundaries of life itself to give us In Heaven as on Earth, his very singular vision of what we can expect when life, as we know it, ends. We follow the travels of Daniel, a writer and psychiatrist much like Dr. Peck himself, through the realm of the afterlife. From his first consciousness of the "little green room" he finds himself in - the safe comfortable home that is his starting point - and his meeting with the guides who help him on his journey - this afterlife is a place both of wonder and familiarity. For as with every journey we face, the journey through the afterlife can be easy or difficult, an adventure or a trial. Daniel meets spirits who cannot escape the bounds their earthly life set out for them, and who continue to make the afterlife their own little hell. And Daniel learns that in order to do the work of God himself, one still must live well with others. Dr. Peck's In Heaven as on Earth can be read in several ways: It is a stirring work of imagination - a novel that gives us a fascinating view of what the afterlife may bring. It is also a profound book about the self - a book in which we come to see that Dr. Peck's vision of how to thrive in the afterlife can teach us important things about living our own lives here on Earth.
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