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Intense Pleasure

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Author Lora Leigh
ISBN 9781447258032
Pages 400
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Intense Pleasure is a steamy tale of revenge and passionate love from bestselling romance author Lora Leigh.Too hot to handle . . . Southern socialite, Summer 'Belle' Calhoun is a woman driven by powerful ambition. With a fierce personality she harbours a past as equally complex as her relationship with her closest confidantes, Falcone and Raeg. Two brothers who have kept their love for her hidden for many years.When the past which Summer had walked away from comes crashing back into her life, she finds herself at the mercy of an old enemy seeking revenge. Driven by their desire for the same woman, the two brothers must work together if they intend to protect Summer from the ruthless killer on her trail.However the illicit love they share for their southern Belle may end up costing them everything as some passions are so intense they can't remain hidden . . .
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