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Les Miserables (Complete & Unabridged),Fiction,Books

Les Miserables (Complete & Unabridged)

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Author Benedict Nightingale, Martyn Palmer
ISBN 9781787391406
Pages 144
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Look back at the 33-year history of the world's longest-running musical: Les Miserables. This book is an ideal companion for anyone who loves the show. Ever since its first performances in 1985, Les Mis rables has been a smash success, and is now the longest-running musical in the world with an award-winning Hollywood movie to its name. Les Mis rables: The Official Archives takes a look back through the storied life of this monumental show. Benedict Nightingale examines the entirety of the Les Mis rables theatre legacy, from Victor Hugo's original novel all the way to the movie's Hollywood set, and reveals why this musical has so strongly captured hearts and imaginations. The show's legion of fans will especially appreciate the images of such special memorabilia as annotated scripts, original costume sketches, and design notes for the 2012 film.
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