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Not Out Of Hate: A Novel Of Burma

Not Out Of Hate: A Novel Of Burma

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Author Kyaw Ma Ma Lay,
ISBN 9780896801677
Pages 222
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Not Out of Hate is the first Burmese novel to be translated into English and published outside of Myanmar. It offers unusual insights into the social history of the late colonial period. Set in pre-World War II Burmese society, the story centers on the relationship and marriage of seventeen-year-old Way Way with U Saw Han, a much older Burmese agent for a British trading company. The subtle but deep misunderstandings they experience mirror the cultural confrontation of Eastern and Western values in modern society, still evident in Burmese life today. The work is also a poignant and pointed commentary on a young woman's struggle against a suffocating love.
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