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Nurse Molly Returns,Fiction,Books

Nurse Molly Returns

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Author Katherine Soh
ISBN 9789810755591
Pages 185
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

Following a glorious period of independence overseas, Molly Goh returns to Singapore ready to start the next chapter of her life—as Staff Nurse at National General Hospital. Will she find a bright and boundless future? The man of her dreams? Perfect job satisfaction? Or the bombardment of bossy supervisors, quirky bureaucratic rules and bad first dates? Nurse Molly has returned. But can she survive? “Part fiction and part reality, Nurse Molly Returns is a wonderful rendition of life for all service professionals.” —Neo Gim Huay, co-editor of Sushi and Tapas “What a wonderful account of nursing experiences this book is. It is full of emotion, happiness, sadness, anger, laughter and hope. A pleasure to read.” —Sue Levene, former nurse, Barnes Hospital, UK
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