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One People

One People

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Author Lonely Planet
ISBN 9781741790238
Pages 281
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

The highly acclaimed One People pictorial is now available in a mini edition, an accessible and user-friendly format in which to browse an incredible and moving selection of images.From the Lonely Planet's images collection, these stunning and evocative photographs chronicle the journey through the human life cycle, from birth to death, as it is experienced throughout the diverse cultures and communities across our planet. One People captures the people of the world at work, at home and at play, embracing birth, family, love, festivals and celebrations, society and solitude, reflection and death. Compelling portrait shots and group photographs are accompanied by inspirational text and informative captions, transporting readers on a transformative journey through the different lives and experiences of people in places around the globe.In its new compact format, One People provides a perfect gift book that will inspire lovers of travel and incredible photography.
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