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Picture Perfect Social Media,Non Fiction,Books

Picture Perfect Social Media

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Author Jennifer Young (Lifestyle photographer)
ISBN 9789814523004
Pages 176
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

No matter how you choose to share your pictures??whether through Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, or blogging??having great images is an essential way to connect with people worldwide and get noticed on the social media scene. Picture Perfect Social Media gives you the skills you need to stand out, proving you don't need a professional stylist or photographer to create and share stunning images. Picture Perfect Social Media is a guide to the craft of photography, designed to help improve your images no matter what your choice of subject??from culinary adventures in your kitchen, to that once-in-a-lifetime trek through the Andes or your passion for fashion and design??regardless of what equipment you have at your disposal, whether a smartphone or a DSLR. Packed full of essential, practical advice as well as stunning visual inspiration, Picture Perfect Social Media is the perfect resource for any social media savant looking to improve his or her photography skills and share visually exciting images. What's more, it also features valuable advice form prominent, international lifestyle bloggers, giving you a helpful insight into their working methods as well as plenty of tips from the pros.
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