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Pigeon English

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Author Stephen Kelman
ISBN 9780547500607
Pages 263
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

Lying in front of Harrison Opoku is a body, the body of one of his classmates, a boy known for his crazy basketball skills, who seems to have been murdered for his dinner. Armed with a pair of camouflage binoculars and detective techniques absorbed from television shows like "CSI, " Harri and his best friend, Dean, plot to bring the perpetrator to justice. They gather evidence fingerprints lifted from windows with tape, a wallet stained with blood and lay traps to flush out the murderer. But nothing can prepare them for what happens when a criminal feels you closing in on him. Recently emigrated from Ghana with his sister and mother to London s enormous housing projects, Harri is pure curiosity and ebullience obsessed with gummy candy, a friend to the pigeon who visits his balcony, quite possibly the fastest runner in his school, and clearly also fast on the trail of a murderer. Told in Harri's infectious voice and multicultural slang, "Pigeon English" follows in the tradition of our great novels of friendship and adventure, as Harri finds wonder, mystery, and danger in his new, ever-expanding world."
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