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Predictable Surprises

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Author Max H. Bazerman
ISBN 9781591391784
Pages 317
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

Most events that catch us by surprise are both predictable and preventable - but we consistently miss (or ignore) the warning signs. This book shows why such predictable surprises put us all at risk, and shows how we can understand, anticipate, and prevent them before disaster strikes. [UNK] There is a universal fear factor surrounding this subject: that society and the workplace are filled with disasters in the making that we could prevent if we only knew what to look for. This book plays on that fear and offers a positive, proactive resolution to it. [UNK] Disasters like 9/11, WorldCom, and the recent bombing in Madrid have been widely covered in the news - and more recently, media have begun to question whether such events could have been prevented. The book draws heavily on such dramatic examples to show that they actually were predictable. [UNK] The book includes many familiar examples of negative surprises in business (ie: dropped stock prices from unexpected earnings) and in society that will resonate with a wide audience - and also provides a framework that can help readers spot red flags and prevent disasters before they happen. Overfishing
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