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Reefer Men,Non Fiction,Books

Reefer Men

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Author Tony Thompson
ISBN 9780340899342
Pages 416
Condition Good
Format Paperback

There were sixteen of them. They came from America, Britain, Australia and Thailand, and each and every one of them was hooked on adrenaline. For fifteen years the Ring smuggled vast shipments into the USA and Europe. In 1988, they decided to carry out one final heist that would ensure they could retire forever. It did indeed turn out to be their last heist - but not for the reasons they planned. Their ship was seized, and the key Ring members all scattered all over the world ... With unlimited money at their disposal and contacts in all parts of the globe, they were the ultimate fugitives. Tracking them down would call for a fifteen-year manhunt masterminded by an international team of law enforcement officers every bit as determined as their adversaries.
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