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Replicant Night

Replicant Night

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Author K. W. Jeter
ISBN 9781857984200
Pages 309
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

On a massive orbital station above a polluted, overcrowded Earth, a hotshot young director for Speed Death Productions is making a movie about Rick Deckard's life. Deckard is acting as a technical adviser, hoping to earn enough money to leave the Mars emigrant colony where he's been living incognito with Sarah Tyrell. The red planet is even more overcrowded than Earth, as emigration stalls due to dark rumors of corporate conspiracy and replicant revolution. But things go wrong with the production from the start. A replicant is blown away for real during a scene from the movie. Then Deckard's old partner Dave Holden arrives - only to suffer a horrible fate. Deckard quits. But as he returns to Mars, Sarah is abducted by two die-hard loyalists from the supposedly defunct Tyrell Corporation. They see Sarah as the last living embodiment of the once-great company and a chance to resurrect it to its former glory to fulfill a secret purpose.
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