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Romance Of Paris

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Author Allan Cheng
ISBN 9789810907525
Pages 126
Condition Good
Format Paperback

It was the year 2020. Jerry, a singer and a music composer, met a French girl at the pinnacle of the Eiffel towe, and comes to consider his rendezvous with her love-at-first-sight. Since this meeting, life has been different for Jerry. It turns out that Isabella, the girl whom spark his romance, came from a different era. In pursuit of his lost love, Jerry chanced upon a magical journey that transported him to the 1960s, where he met The Beatles. On another occasion, he travelled to the 1920s and experienced the Jazz epoch directly from Louis Armstrong himself. Could these encounters help him turn each failure in his singing career around in the present era? Still, his lost love could not be rekindled. How did he react to the time-travelling expedition? Could true love be found in the time from the past? Did the song, 'The Romance of Paris', which Jerry composed, appear miraculously in an era it shouldn't have?
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