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Siberian Dream,Non Fiction,Books

Siberian Dream

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Author Irina Pantaeva
ISBN 9780553812404
Pages 309
Condition Fair
Format Paperback

My people were nomads for millennia, and in time, their blood compelled me across the world...." orn into an ancient indigenous Siberian culture, Irina Pantaeva came of age with a rich heritage of spirituality and creativity that was often at odds with the world around her - a world in which individuality was stifled. As a girl, she began to associate the simple act of getting dressed every day with freedom of self-expression, a freedom that almost landed her in a juvenile home. Picked by a talent scout to star in a Soviet film, Irina came to Moscow, a city in which old borders and ideologies were collapsing. Embarking on an odyssey through a Moscow of wild parties and Russian rock stars, Irina witnessed the terrifying uncertainty of a new nation in turmoil. Amid the change and corruption, she lost a beloved friend to political violence, saw others fall prey to drugs and prostitution, and was nearly killed herself on a darkened road outside the city. hen, against all odds, she ventured on an impossible journey to Paris, where she struggled to break into the fashion industry, still enduring rejection because her exotic beauty was not readily accepted. Irina's moving tale culmina
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