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Enjoy free doorstep deliveries for 4 books or more.

Simplicity: The New Competitive Advantage in a World of More, Better, Faster

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Author William D. Jensen
ISBN 9780738202105
Pages 240

Choosing among infinite possibilities is the toughest part of today's work, when information is abundant and the most precious resources are people's time and attention. We need easy-to-use tools that help us choose what to do and what not to do, especially when any hesitation or misstep can spell disaster. But how do you make sense of the clutter? In Simplicity, Bill Jensen offers a highly engaging and pragmatic approach to competing in the fast-paced information age by being disciplined about how you make sense of everything around you. Drawing on a groundbreaking study of over 2,500 people in 460 companies, Jensen presents new tools and strategies for applying common sense and critical thinking to any business situation--from running more effective meetings to leading large-scale change programs. Simplicity is about working smarter, not harder; it gives you the power to create more flexible and productive organizations, more compelling experiences for colleagues and customers, and more fulfilling work for everyone.Simplicity is ... All about competing on clarity Being disciplined about how you make sense of things Being passionate about how you use people's time and attention When everyone knows how to get what they need to make a decision Among the questions Simplicity answers: What is your cost of confusion and the value of clarity? Are you using clarity to go faster, work smarter? Do you have a strategy for creating a simpler company? How will you continuously figure out what you don't know? Either create less clutter or make more sense of it faster than the competition--and you win.