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Sonnets From The Singlish,Fiction,Books

Sonnets From The Singlish

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Author Joshua Ip
ISBN 9789810978846
Pages 107
Condition Good
Format Paperback

sonnets from the singlish upsize edition is a collection of 88 poems on love, language and the pursuit of laughter. the poems are loosely translated from the english-based creole language colloquially spoken in singapore, widely known as singlish. the poems were originally composed in the sonnet form, an archaic italian fourteen-line rhyming verse form that follows the rhythmic rules of iambic pentameter. people still write like this primarily for ease of formatting. they are most tolerable when read out loudly in a singaporean accent. this is not a reprint, it's an UPSIZE... and it's 88 poems instead of 44, for double the huat.
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