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Story For Leaders

Story For Leaders

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Author David Pearl
ISBN 9780993501104
Pages 246
Condition Very Good
Format Hardback

Storytelling is often seen as decoration - something to jazz up a speech or add personality to a presentation. Truth is, there is a great deal more to story and understanding its full potential will transform your leadership. Story for Leaders outlines the must-have techniques to create a compelling story and deliver it with power. David Pearl goes further, showing us how story can be used to shape our future, navigate our personal and professional lives and engage those around in a shared vision. And when David refers to 'leaders' he doesn't mean the extraordinary types - up there on a pedestal with a big flag and curved sword - he's talking about everyday leadership. So, if you're the kind of person who wants to get something done and works with other people to do it, if you have a team or community that looks to you for direction or guidance, if you're trying to change the status quo or make the world a better place even in a tiny way, then this book was written for you.
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