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Tease Your Brain, Test Your Smarts

Tease Your Brain, Test Your Smarts

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Author Jack Botermans
ISBN 9781402736506
Pages 224
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

These visually appealing, colourful and diverse puzzles are as tantalizing to the mind as they are to the eye! More than 200 fun exercises will give your brain a workout that will keep it functioning at its best. Select from various categories, including number crunching and algebraic puzzles, puzzles with missing images, optical illusions, mazes, and an intriguing assortment of other combinations. Find an animal hidden in a framed tangle of lines. Figure out anagrams and other wordplay (all shown in large, bright print). Try solving a matchstick trick or deciphering ink-blot writing. Break a code in a grid or cut a sharp-witted squire into triangles. It's a whole paradise of puzzle pleasure for solvers to discover!
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