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The Big Secret

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Author Alexa Pearl
ISBN 9781499803891
Pages 112
Condition Good
Format Paperback

In the Tales of Sasha series debut, Sasha discovers that she really isn't like the other horses in her valley when wings sprout from her back and she soars through the air! In the first book of Tales of Sasha, readers meet Sasha, a kindhearted young horse who has always felt a little bit different from the other horses in Verdant Valley. For starters, she looks nothing like her two older sisters, Zara and Poppy, who are black and brown while Sasha is pale gray—except for a small white patch on her back. Sasha also loves running and jumping and the feeling of being in the air, and she longs to explore the forest beyond her valley. One day during school, Sasha is having trouble concentrating, and the white patch on her back gives her an itching feeling that makes her want to soar. She tries to ignore it but finds that she can’t and ends up running and leaping over the big rock she and her classmates were approaching. When she lands on the other side, she realizes that her patch is sparkling!
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