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Enjoy free express delivery for 4 books or more

The Dinosaur In The Living Room

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Author Harlow B. Cohen
ISBN 9781420823257
Pages 196
Condition Good
Format Paperback

What if it were possible to avert needless declines in performance and to divert the energy toward positive change? What if it were possible to reverse declining performance by achieving significant gains of 25, 50, 100% or more in a matter of months? What if such gains were attained, not by adding new technology, allocating more capital or launching yet another change program, but by tackling obvious opportunities using existing resources? What if the improvements could be achieved faster by replacing conventional methods with new practices that work better and are less labor intensive? Such opportunities do exist, are readily available and proven. The Dinosaur in the Living Room answers many of the "What if questions" posed above; and provides clear-cut strategies for achieving positive change and results.
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