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The Dragon Network,Non Fiction,Books

The Dragon Network

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Author A. B. Susanto, Patricia Susanto
ISBN 9781118339374
Pages 209
Condition Good
Format Paperback

What's driving the burgeoning global Chinese familybusinesses? Chinese family businesses are the driving force behind Asia'seconomic prosperity. As the world becomes more global they have hadto adapt to the new environment. This timely book draws on anextensive regional survey to reveal the key players and thestrategies that will drive their success going forward. The bookdiscusses and analyzes the business life and achievements of someprominent overseas Chinese family businesses in Asia and revealstheir life philosophies, their business journey, and their familyrole in business.Includes analysis regarding how the senior Chinese generationsprepare their children to run the business in the futureReveals that flexibility, ability to adapt to changing businessenvironments, and resilience contribute to the success of manyoverseas Chinese family businessesOffers illustrative examples of successful family businessesfrom Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, and ChinaBased in solid research and filled with illustrative examples,The Dragon Network offers an inside look at how familybusinesses succeed and thrive in Asia.
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