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The Expats' Guide To Singapore,Non Fiction,Books

The Expats' Guide To Singapore

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Author Alison Ozawa Sanders, Jessica Duff
ISBN 9789811181351
Pages 391
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Moving to Singapore? Or thinking about it? Or are you already here, lost and confused and wondering if your hair will ever be the same again? Lucky for you, the duo behind the Textpat Wives Facebook page have written a guide to Singapore just for expats (called, appropriately: The Expats' Guide to Singapore!) In it they walk you though everything you need to know about moving to, arriving in, and getting to know and love Singapore. They calm your newbie fears, reveal inside information, and share their own hard-earned experiences (and many, many mishaps) which will leave you snorting with laughter and relieved that It's Not Just You.
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