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Enjoy free doorstep deliveries for 4 books or more.

The Expectant Father : The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be

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Author Armin A. Brott
ISBN 9780789212139
Pages 336
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

Armin Brott - best-selling author, broadcaster, nationally syndicated columnist, and dad of three - is America's foremost expert on fatherhood. His wisdom - along with the advice of leading obstetricians and researchers, and the experience of hundreds of real-life dads - is collected here in The Expectant Father, the essential guide for dads-to-be. Brott's reassuring month-by-month overview of your partner's pregnancy gives you the tools you need to support your partner, prepare for the baby's arrival, and take care of yourself during this exciting time. Each chapter covers: - What's going on with your partner, emotionally and physically - What's going on with the baby, every step of the way from fertilized egg to newborn - What's going on with you, as you adjust to the new life stage of fatherhood - How to stay involved: specific ways you can help (and feel included), from attending birthing classes with your partner to starting a college fund. This fully revised fourth edition also includes: - More information about adoptions, multiples, infertility and assisted reproductive technology, and dads in the military - A special section on labor and delivery: what to expect on the big day - A special section on what comes next, in the first few months after the baby's arrival - A handy resource section, connecting you to the best information on every topic related to pregnancy and fatherhood. Illustrated throughout with stress-relieving New Yorker-style cartoons, The Expectant Father is a friendly and readable companion for dads-to-be seeking confidence, guidance, and joy. (Mums will love it, too!)