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The Little Book of Laughter

The Little Book of Laughter

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Author Dave Keeling
ISBN 9781781350089
Pages 148
Condition Very Good
Format Paperback

The Little Book of Laughter demonstrates why having a laugh should be in your job description and shows you the benefits that humour can bring to the learning environment. Benefits such as creating openness, bravery, teamwork, imagination and creativity and, most of all, improving relationships between students and teachers. Includes: :) A brief history of laughter :) Techniques linked to encouraging and improving learning :) Exercises to encourage laughter :) and The Rules of Funny :) as well as a whole load of comical comments, quotes and, of course, gags. Ofsted hasn't picked up on it. But then, maybe we're not - Anyway, don't wait for laughter laws to come in to ensure you make the most of laughter in your school - and this book shows you how. Written by two people who know a lot about the topic, this book is the ultimate guide to getting more out of yourself and each other through, well, lightening up a bit.
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