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The Principal'S Office: A Primer For Balanced Leadership

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Author Janet Irons Harris
ISBN 9781578868384
Pages 167
Condition Fair
Format Hardback

The Principal's Office is a practical book. It is simple, easy-to-read, and packed with straightforward, personal advice gleaned from years of real experience. The current or future principal will receive words of wisdom from an author who knows what it is like to serve in the principal's office. This primer addresses the concept of effective leadership in the principal's office with a holistic approach. It is designed to help readers understand the four areas of our being - spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional. From personal values and inspiration to clothing choices and exercise, this book touches on all the topics essential to a healthy and successful turn as a principal. When we understand these different areas along with the fundamental need to maintain balance in the four areas, we are better equipped for success in the principal's office.
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