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The Proper Care Of Foxes,Fiction,Books

The Proper Care Of Foxes

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Author Wena Poon
ISBN 9789810836467
Pages 228
Condition Good
Format Paperback

Step into the quirky, tender, luminous world of Wena Poon. In California, a dot com executive falls in love with an Asian barista in a coffee joint. In Malaysia, a Chinese woman boards a plane to London for sex tourism. In New York, an English couple abandons their baby at the door of a Japanese restaurant. In New Hampshire, a depressed transvestite snowboards into an avalanche in emulation of his favorite opera heroine. Poon’s first book, Lions In Winter, was listed for both the 2008 Irish Frank O’Connor Award and the Singapore Literature Prize. In her second book, Poon writes of chance encounters and impossible romances in the digital age. Her characters are beautiful, damaged, funny, serious, and always relentlessly cool. Wry, observant and assured, this is contemporary storytelling at its exhilarating best.
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